Chairman Message

VIJAY KUMAR LEHRI CHAIRMAN From the Desk of Chairman It gives me immense pleasure to write a few words to the students of our Institution. First of all, my deep gratitude to everyone who have contributed to the success and fame of this school, not only in Raman Mandi but whole of Bathinda. We aim to provide quality education and impart the ‘whole’ knowledge to our young fraternity to improve their skills and provide world class infrastructure for education. This will help them to excel in their life, strive for a better tomorrow.

We wish to share their success as they are part and parcel of our future. It would be wise to remember the golden rules of success “Work is Worship”

An The more we enjoy our work with love and devotion, the more successful we are. Always respect your elders and try to follow their footsteps, the steps to progress and prosperity.

With Best Wishes

Vijay Kumar Lehri