Principal's Message

At the outset I express delight in being able to motivate you to bring out your latent talent to the forefront by giving vent to your feelings. We all are constantly making an effort to impart value education keeping you in mind our school motto ‘Globalization Through Education’. The values that we are trying to inculcate in you, are integrity, wisdom, love, truth, faith, freedom, aesthetics and enquiry. Our common vision is to make not just learned individuals, but better human beings. Our quest is to give education a new meaning by not just amassing knowledge but by creative knowledge through an active, learning process -re inforced by critical enquiry.

We are trying to give you an environment that is conducive to creativity and are also providing quality infrastructure and a commitment to continue upgrading of school facilities We are giving you a tension free environment and we expect you to approach every day challenges with a positive attitude. We want you to discover your inner strength and work towards self made goals with dedication and positive attitude.

With courage, confidence and vitality you will master your fate, culminating into successful individuals. Magnetize your mind with a fervent desire to reach the ultimate. Explore your own channels as it is your zest, endeavour and commitment that will take you to the pinnacles of success & glory.

With sincere and warm regards